Map of Warner's Pond The Auxiliary Dam in its Winter Coat Waiting for Spring  
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Quick Overview of Warner’s Pond

  • Created in the 1800’s when Nashoba Brook was dammed to generate power for a mill

  • Warner’s Pond comes under the jurisdiction of the Town of Concord. The Pond
    does not fit the description of a “great pond”*.

  • Covers 54+- acres, including 3 islands

  • Shallow 12 feet depth, average 4.5 feet

  • Considerable accumulation of soft sediment on the pond bottom. These sediments
    are rich in nutrients and provide an excellent medium for the nuisance levels of
    aquatic plant growth that are plaguing the pond. Sediment and nutrient deposition
    has likely occurred at an accelerated rate due to the sizeable watershed that extends
    into several neighboring towns.

  • 35 residences along shorelines, set back generally more than 100 feet from pond, few
    homes have lawns that extend to pond’s edge.

  • Several known storm drains empty into Warner’s Pond; One drain was installed in
    1951, in back of the service station at the rotary, under Route 2 and into the pond at
    Libby’s beach. The 2nd storm drain runs down from Crabtree to Wright Road under
    the first rotary and into Warner’s Pond.

  • Land use and management practices within the watershed
    1. External nutrient loading, Nashoba Brook inlet and mid pond
      Elevated lead concentrations from historical lead works

  • There are invasive non-native species overtaking the pond: fanwort, water chestnut
    and variable water milfoil, in addition to purple loosestrife – See Page 7 for
    descriptions out of “A Guide to Selected Invasive Non-native Aquatic Species in
    Massachusetts”, Department of Conservation and Recreation-Lakes and Ponds

    *Great ponds are natural, not man-made, larger than 10 acres and come under the jurisdiction of the State of Massachusetts.


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Summer Time at Warners Pond

Friends of Warner's Pond - Concord, MA


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