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Warner's Pond Stewardship News

Warner's Pond Stewardship Committee


West Concord Village Day
For the Benefit of Warner’s Pond Restoration Efforts
October 4, 2008

The West Concord Village Day was the result of a few people joining together to fill West Concord up with spirit left flaccid this Fall by the absence of the West Concord Family Festival.  In a matter of 8 weeks, an event titled the West Concord Village Day was created to give people a purpose to gather in the Village on a Saturday in Autumn.  This event finally took place at the West Concord Commuter parking lot on October 4th, from 9am to 2pm.

It began with a tentative date of September 13th, only to realize the Agricultural Day was being held in Concord Center on the same day and we were encouraged to select another date.  The event was then moved to September 27th.  All funds generated from the sale of space, and 10% profits made from vendors at the event will be donated to the Warner’s Pond restoration efforts.

The event was advertised (without a rain date) to crafters and flea marketers, businesses and non-profits to come and set up a table to sell their causes and wares.  The response, in the short time provided, was excellent and enthusiastic.  Then it rained on the 27th.  What were we thinking not to plan an indoor venue or a rain date.  We felt so motivated and enthused by the effort already expended that everyone involved was asked if they were willing to try again for the 4th of October.  They were!

The Concord Journal was notified, WIQH ran a continual notice until the event, flyers were updated with the new date and passed around, yahoogroups and googlegroups received word, neighborhood emails went out and news spread by word of mouth.  Deadlines for other publications were past when the final decision was made and we had concern that everyone would know.

October 4th arrived beautifully ensconced in sunshine.  Vendors gathered, set up their tables and enjoyed the beautiful day.  We saw how many good people with creative abilities had joined us, how many good causes were out there vying for our support, and how many people who make their living selling their goods with the world decided to jump on board.  All was not lost due on the low traffic.  We thank everyone who came and donated their time, abilities and money to keep the spirit alive in West Concord.  We have to remember, that’s what it was all about in the first place.

We are planning now to get the event on the Town Calendar for a date in September 2009, so others can plan too, to join us next year in some form or another.

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Warner’s Pond Update

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The Warner’s Pond Stewardship Committee (WPSC) meeting this past Thursday evening at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center was well attended. Many were respondents to the Warner’s Pond survey mailed to neighborhoods surrounding Warner’s Pond. The committee appreciates the fact that many took time to respond and support the cause. Thank you. It’s never too late to have your voice heard if you still plan to respond.

One item on the agenda is the public presentation that is scheduled for Wednesday, May 28th, at 7:30pm at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center. We hope many people will come to get updated on what the mission is for Warner’s, the state regulatory laws and how they relate to the Pond, the issues today, and what we are doing to keep the restoration effort moving forward. Al Easterday, member of the Natural Resource Commission, will speak on the Mission of the Warner’s Pond Stewardship Committee, Jim Straub, from the Department of Conservation & Recreation will speak to the challenges of managing the weeds in the Pond and the regulatory processes. Kansas Wight, a member of the WPSC, will address the native nuisance and non-native, invasive plants that now exist in Warner’s and what the options are for managing or removing them. There will be an update to the dam activity and a question and answer period. Refreshments will be served.

Boy Scout Troop #132 camped out on Boy Scout Island on May 2-4. From the report provided to the committee, it appears the scouts did significant cleanup of the island during this weekend. Removal of high dead limbs from trees that pose a threat are topics under discussion with the Division of Natural Resources as well as a plan for stopping the erosion of the landing that faces the parking lot on the Commonwealth Avenue side.

The rotary redesign and its affect on Warner’s has also been a topic of discussion. The Division of Natural Resources will see that the 30” storm drain that belongs to MA Highway will be addressed in this redesign. Of the three plans that appear viable, alternate 3 appears to have the least impact on the Pond. The Town has until May 23rd to respond to the State on this matter so weigh in if you can.

One of the goals of the WPSC is to have the website completed by the May 28th presentation.

Submitted by Charles Simpson, Co-Chair
Warner’s Pond Stewardship Committee



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